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Dave's Pages
(Note: Many of these galleries are still under construction)

Standard gauge modeling in 1:20.3 scale, also known as F scale according to the NMRA's designation, is what I do for fun (and sometimes for profit). The galleries below are intended to further the hobby, inspire some of you to greater feats of kitbashing and scratchbuilding, and serve as a record of my leisure time activities. Don't see something you are looking for or have a question? Then drop me a note here.

F Scale Basics

Here are all the most elementary things that you need to know about F scale but were too afraid to ask, either at Model Railroading School or from the editors of MR (who wouldn't know anyway, without coming here). Those guys in the Proto section of the NMRA would probably know. So would Uncle Russ at Finescale; Marc Horovitz at Garden Railways too.

What Is F Scale?
Why add yet another scale to the confused world of "large scale" trains? Answer: Because "G" or Goofy Gauge is a plethora of mismatched trains all inaccurately rattling down the same track. F and Fn3 solve the scale and gauge dilemma of the large scale world accurately--and nobody has to get hurt. Read more about it here

F Scale Wheel & Track Standards
Standards: Gotta have'em if anything you or I build is going to interchange with anyone else's railroad. On this page we present the completed work of the NMRA's Large Scale Committee and the "Proto20.32" wheel & track standards developed by the same--along with a few extras I've worked up to help with clearance issues and such.

Dave's Projects

About 2001 I began to make the transition from standard gauge modeling in 1:22.5 scale, Gauge 3 to 1:20.3 scale, F gauge. I have described the reasons for making that move elsewhere (see my Gauge 3 page, past paragraph). Since that time progress has been real but slow. I've added a large workshop and many tools which I never had before, including CNC machining. I attended a local technical college and got trained in both CAD and CAM. And along the way became the founding pastor of a small Bible-believing Presbyterian church. And my wife and I also had three kids and moved three times--not bad for just 8 years. You can view my F gauge projects below: 

Steam Locomotives
What does it take to build a F gauge steam locomotive from scratch? Well, I'm not really sure, since I've never completed one. But come along for the ride and see my ongoing locomotive projects: Southern Railway G-Class 2-8-0 #107, SR Ps-4 Pacific #1401 and Little River Lumber Co. baby 4-6-2 #110.

Freight Cars
As compared to the number of Gauge 3 freight cars I built in the space of three years or so, the number of F Gauge freight cars I have completed has been comparatively few (three little girls may account for this). Check out this gallery these cars as well as valuable how-to information. Haven't tried scratch building yet? Then read on.

Build A Quartering Jig (under constr.)
So what's a quartering jig and what does it do? No, it's not a dance, but an accurate tool with which to mount steam locomotive drivers to their axles with their crankpins at exactly 90 degrees apart. So why would anyone want to do that? Read on for the answer & to find out how to build yours.

Trucks I Have Known (still under constr.)
Ever since I made the switch from Gauge 3 to F Gauge, coming up with suitable tender and freight car trucks has been a continual problem. See how I have modified some commercial products and begun making my own casting patterns in this, the Gallery of the Truck! (under construction 10-29-09)

The Workshop
How do they make locomotive frames out of brass or steel? What's a 50 year old derelict lathe good for? This is where it all happens--when I have time!. Take a look at Dave's shop, how it came about, and some of his machine tools.

Future Steam
So what sort of locomotives do I intend to build or really would like to build in the future--assuming I could clone myself, stop sleeping, and nurture several little helpers around the shop? Come and see.
(under construction)

F Scale Products

Who supports standard gauge modeling in F scale? Well, it isn't the big boys of large scale railroading where everything is imported from China. A handful of garage manufacturers are the mainstay of F gauge modeling, and rest assured, none of them are getting rich off your modeling dollars. They're here for you and because they love the hobby. As more products from other manufacturers become available, they will be posted in their respective section below.

Cumberland Model Engineering (that's me--duh)
Here you will find the products that I offer for scratch building steam locomotives: Nickel plated steel tyres, investment cast white bronze driver centers, crankpins & axles. You will also find pics of the products I currently have in development: freight car trucks & a flat car kit. In the future, some components from my personal projects may also appear here.

Iron Creek Shops (Don Niday)
Don Niday is a fellow F scale model railroader residing in Knoxville, TN and is, like myself, a garage manufacturer. His layout and many of his scratch-building projects may be seen here. Don also produces a line of products for Fn3 which may be seen on his own website. Don may be contacted at  donniday@ironcreekshops.com

Other Manufacturers
In this gallery I have sought to post photographs and information on other manufacturers in F scale who are making and planning on making standard gauge products. Dual Gauge products (F & Fn3) may also be found here. First up: Missouri Locomotive Company. (under construction)

Sasquatch Models
Sasquatch Models produces all the phantom products that have been promised by other manufacturers but who then failed to deliver. Looking for that Pennsy S1 6-4-4-6 in large scale? It's here. Longing for an affordable Fn3 imported brass D&RGW live steam K series loco? Look no further. (No, they don't really exist.)


Free CAD Drawings
If I drew it, you're welcome to it. If someone else did, well that's up to them. Over the past several years I have generated a sizable collection of 2D AutoCAD drawings of track, locomotive components and freight car trucks which I am happy to share with other modelers non-commercially.

Contact Me
Drop me a note here or if you still do snail mail:

Dave Queener / Cumberland Model Engineering
6543 Hunters Glen Drive; Knoxville, Tennessee 37921 USA

Please no spam, chain letters, mindless solicitations, or visits from chanting groupies. Fellow model railroaders are always welcome to drop by for a brew.

News Page
Notification of recent website updates can be found at the top of The News Page. The News Page also highlights recent modeling activity on my part, when it happens, as it happens, about 6 months after the fact. Other F scale goings on also may get a plug here.

Brunel Hall
One of Dave's projects which entails trains, education and church is Brunel Hall--a home school bases shop class for young men from 8th thru 12th grades. Read more about this innovation in home education here.

Last update: 19 August 2013

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