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(Dave with his WWII era Monarch 10EE Turret Lathe in transit from Chicago to Knoxville)

Welcome to the Cumberland Model Engineering Products Page. The smattering of products offered below is my effort to develop and encourage standard gauge modeling in 1:20.3 scale (or F Gauge to use the NMRA's nomenclature).  My goal here is to help you, my fellow scratchbuilders and kitbashers, with a few of the bits and pieces both of us need for building standard gauge models in F scale, and to pay for the tooling & production costs as we go along. As I work on my own locomotive and freight car projects, some of their castings and parts may also wander onto this page.  I may be reached via the Contact Page.

(One of Dave's Gauge 3 projects completed by Barry Bogs--a Pullman-Standard PS3 2-Bay Hopper Car)

Product offerings from CME can be found on the pages linked below:

Track Products

Track for standard gauge modeling in 1:20.3 (or F Gauge), dual gauge ( F & Fn3), as well as supplies for handlaying track can be found here.

Rolling Stock Kits (updated 1-11-14)

Craftsman kits for building your own standard gauge freight cars are available here. Available soon: Southern Railway 30 ton / 36' Plain Boxcar.

Trucks (updated 1-7-14)

Trucks for freight and passenger cars as well as steam locomotive tenders can be found on this page. Now available: 50 Ton AAR-Bettendorf and wooden bolster archbar trucks!

Locomotive Parts (coming soon)

A limited supply of axles, steam locomotive drivers, crankpins, and other bits and pieces can be found here for the serious scratch builder or kit-basher in F scale.


Last update: 7 January 2014

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