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Doug Hemmeter Gallery--Narrow Gauge

Doug Hemmeter (at left with his wife Mary) is a retired marine engineer hailing from the Tallahassee area; and over the last several years he has begun to distinguish himself as first a kitbasher of Fn3 locomotives--most notably with a series of D&RGW C-25s based upon the Bachman 2-8-0 drive, built with an all new boiler, cab and tender--and now as a scratchbuilder of standard gauge locomotives in F scale. His series of D&RGW M-68 4-8-4s are his first foray into standard gauge. As of January 2012 he has completed and delivered four standard gauge 4-8-4s. What comes next: The D&RGW L-105 Challenger.  Doug may be contacted at whemmeter@centurylink.net.

Large Scale Models from a Postage Stamp Shop

To point out that many model railroaders have a workshop about the size of a spare bedroom in a modest sized house would not be unusual. To be building some of the largest 2-rail electric steam locomotives in a 10x12 bedroom would be. Doug Hemmeter shop is, well, confined, but he is doing a lot with a little, as the above pictures will attest.

The Fn3 Projects

But a lot can be accomplished in a small shop. And Doug's first forays into large scale modeling was on the narrow gauge side of things. Although the thrust of this site is not Fn3, from time to time a few narrow gauge models will make a cameo appearance. Here in brief is some of Doug's work over the last couple of years.

D&RGW C-25 2-8-0  (A Bachman Bash)


Sumpter Valley 2-6-6-2  (An LGB Bash)

Union Pacific 2-6-0  (Another Bachman Bash)

Next Stop: Doug's first foray into F standard gauge: The D&RGW M-68

Last update: 30 November 2011

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