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Bob Poli is a West Side Lumber Co. modeler residing in Campbell CA. He recently began a new indoor layout devoted to modeling specific West Side scenes based on the 1950's era. The railroad occupies a 1200 sq ft room and is on two levels. There is a bit of dual gauge trackage for his standard gauge Heisler #3 to run on. Most everything on the line is scratch built including several three truck Shays. He may be contacted at rgpoli@pacbell.net

Bob's Layout


Latest buildings completed are the Three Stall Engine House, Carpentry Shop and Dispatchers Office. Also shown are two pics of the Two Stall Engine House. The log pond will reside in front of the wall along side. The track plan is of the upper level; the lower will be for storage.  The last pic shows some of the dual gauge track.

The Car Shop (Row #3)

It is big even though I did a bit of compression. Note the siding on the end. The building has been added on. Also the interior roof shot. This is the most complex West Side structure I think. It was fun doing a mental reconstruct of how the building evolved from its rather simple one track origin. I think the tall wall with the three double windows was mirrored on the opposite side, then all the add ons were done over time. Prototype picture is from the collection of Dr. Nicholas Muff.

Additional Pics:

First is a shot of what I call Warehouse Row. That's the Dispatcher Office, the Woods Warehouse #1, the Woods Warehouse #2 and the old depot, also known as the meat locker. Next is the Car Shop gantry crane.

Re-gauging the Accucraft Heisler

The Uniack-Bogs-Poli SP Outside Braced Boxcar

Last update: 3 July 2009

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