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A Visit To Magnus
(Photos taken in 2007 by Mr. David Stachnik)

Magnus Handworks is the pre-eminent commercial manufacturer of 2-rail electric Gauge 3 trains. Magnus was founded in 1976 by Christian Hoehne (at left) and provided many of the early limited production models for LGB. Magnus even ventured into the US market during the mid-1980s with a small range of American prototype rolling stock. Mr. Hoehne continues his work today and his website is located here. These pics are from a 2007 visit by an American enthusiast, Mr. David Stachnik. David has also written an article about his visit for the LGB Club Magazine which you can read here. Additional photos come from Tom Cruse of Cincinnati, Ohio of his Magnus K-27. Photos of American prototype Gauge 3 rolling stock and Alco S2 diesel switchers come courtesy of Mr. Barry Bogs, Mr. Ron Thomas, and the Magnus website itself. Magnus's mailing address is:

MAGNUS Handworks
Michael Haslbeckstraße 3
85640 Putzbrunn

The Magnus Workshop  

The Magnus workshop located in Putzbrunn, Germany:

Here are a few views of the interior of the shop and of Christian with his assistant.

Various Gauge 3 Models

Here are some pics of the Gauge 3 American prototype models offered in the mid-1980s (some of which are still available from Magnus on a special order basis). These photos are a grab bag of shots taken from various sources, including myself, Barry Bogs, E-Bay, Mr. Ron Thomas & the Magnus website itself.


In the early 1980s, Magnus also offered a steel & white metal D&RGW narrow gauge K-27. Here is an example, having been repaired and repowered by Tom Cruse of Cincinnati, Ohio.


The Magnus Dual Gauge Layout

The Magnus workshop also houses an indoor dual gauge (Gauges 1 and 3) layout with a number of one-of-a-king accessories built by Mr. Hoehne.


Some Late 80s Gauge 1 Models (Courtesy of Mr. David Stachnik)

Last update: 24 October 2009

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