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What Can We Spin Cast for You?

The newest addition to Cumberland's capabilities is our white metal (tin based) spin casting operation. Centrifugal casting (as it is more formally known) uses rubber molds and either tin or zinc based alloys to reproduce parts quickly and economically. The entire process can be viewed here.

We cast freight car trucks, body bolsters, and miscellaneous F scale detail parts on our own equipment. Other castable parts include toy soldiers, action figures, costume jewelry, promotional materials, awards and medals. Part size is only limited to what can be placed in either a 9" or a 12" round mold up to 2.5" thick.

We are now offering a custom-casting service to both hobbyists needing but one or two parts and to small manufacturers needing several dozen to several thousand.

Mr. Don Niday is in charge of all our casting operations. He may be reached at

Patterns & Pattern-Making (updated 1-7-14)

Master patterns are best made from metal, preferably brass, either investment castings or built up from brass parts silver soldered together. Some plastics are also able to withstand the process of vulcanization, at least long enough to produce a usable cavity in an organic rubber mold. Typically 325-350 F and 1000 psi of pressure are applied to each mold in the curing process. Urethane sub-patterns can also be generated from styrene or abs plastic patterns using room temperate RTV molds. Urethane sub-patterns are then vulcanized in organic rubber molds. The customer assumes all responsibility for the loss of plastic patterns.

Typically patterns should be made at least 2% oversize. Some patterns, depending upon shape and alloy used, may require 3.5%.

We also offer pattern-making through 3D CAD and rapid-prototyping at our usual shop rate. Please call or write Dave for details.


For production quantities there will be a one-time mold making charge of $125 for 12" molds and $75 for 9" molds. Molds which wear out will be cheerfully replaced at no charge to the customer. The recommended mold size will depend on the part pattern size. All molds remain the property of the customer and can be retrieved at any time for the cost of shipping.

Before shipping patterns, let us discuss your project with you--and do send a dimensioned sketch or picture to help us better understand your specific needs.

Last update: 7 January 2014

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